Every day, organizations worldwide are engaged in a collective two steps forward, one step back march toward improved immigration services and policies. What hard-earned lessons are these nonprofits, and the foundations that support them, learning from their persistent efforts? This collection of evaluations, case studies, and lessons learned exposes and explores the nuances of effective collaboration, the value of coordinated messaging, the bedrock of ongoing advocacy efforts, and the vital importance of long-term and flexible funding.

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Building Bridges on Immigration

October 21, 2021

In this report, we review Carnegie Corporation of New York's support for alliance building on immigration, the history of this work, and opportunities for the future. We also appeal to philanthropy to invest in alliance building as an essential strategy toward shifting U.S.policy, politics, and culture in the direction of advancing and protecting the rights and opportunities of U.S. immigrants.

Police Executive Research Forum: Freeing Local Police from Immigration Enforcement

September 23, 2011

Dealing with immigration issues is one of the most critical and frustrating challenges police and sheriffs' departments currently face. To solve this problem and take some pressure off their members, the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) has conducted research and met with police leaders to frame immigration policy recommendations not only to guide local authorities, but to inform Congress and the Obama administration as well.

Advocacy; Research & Evaluation

Benchmarks of Immigration Civic Engagement

July 1, 2010

Immigrant civic engagement is an increasingly critical issue for the United States. Immigrant civic engagement may take various forms, but naturalization, voting registration and voter turnout are key measures or benchmarks. This report examines immigrant civic participation in terms of immigrants' current engagement, the capacity of states to provide naturalization and voting registration, and the impact that immigrants are having on the adult citizen population in the U.S.

Capacity Building; Civic Engagement

The Immigration Advocates Network: An Online Collaboration led by Pro Bono Net Provides Immigration - Related Resources

January 8, 2010

This is the story of how coalitions of organizations with a shared goal can collaborate online to provide learning and information resources that alone, they might never be able to offer. Pro Bono Net's Immigration Advocates Network, profiled here, is still a work in progress but one with quantifiable results in the present and great promise for the future.

Advocacy; Coalition Building & Collaboration; Litigation/Legal Services

Immigration: The Reform Movement Rebuilds

October 1, 2008

Advocates of comprehensive immigration reform have tried unsuccessfully since 2006 to get an immigration bill passed, first by the 109th and then by the 110th Congress. Now these advocates are using the sometimes painful lessons learned from their legislative battles to build alliances on a local and a national level and to bring together disparate voices. Seeking to overcome the hurdles involved in merging hundreds of organizations, several leading groups, including those who are cited in this article, have been working to develop a re-energized and re-focused structure that consists of "four pillars," which center around:a more effective policy approachmore effective work in the mediaa stronger grassroots effort better linked to the nationwide effortsuccessful efforts to promote citizenship and encourage civic participation

Advocacy; Civic Engagement; Coalition Building & Collaboration

Four Freedoms Fund: A Pioneering Foundation Partnership Advocates for Immigrants

January 3, 2008

Reviews the development and achievements of a collaborative to leverage funding, share ideas and lessons learned, and forge strategies for engaging immigrants and refugees in civic life by supporting grassroots advocacy groups across twenty-eight states.

Advocacy; Refugees & Asylum Seekers

Reframing the Immigration Debate: How the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition Retooled its Communications Strategy

September 10, 2007

This case study chronicles the story of MIRA, the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, and their energetic communications operation. With more than 100 organizational members, MIRA is a dynamic, multi-ethnic, multi-racial coalition that actively involves grassroots immigrant organizations, human services agencies, legal service providers, religious groups and human rights groups in cooperative efforts to improve the lives of immigrants and refugees.

Advocacy; Communications & Media

The House We All Live In: A Report On Immigrant Civic Integration

September 4, 2003

This report, which draws on the insights and research of both national and local groups working directly on immigrants' rights, summarizes the current situation, offers projections for the future, and pinpoints areas of need. The report provides funders with an informative guide about potential areas of support for immigrant policy issues and highlights the urgency of developing new sources of support for immigrant-related effots, which are critical to the nation's continued democratic development.

Advocacy; Civic Engagement; Research & Evaluation