Every day, organizations worldwide are engaged in a collective two steps forward, one step back march toward improved immigration services and policies. What hard-earned lessons are these nonprofits, and the foundations that support them, learning from their persistent efforts? This collection of evaluations, case studies, and lessons learned exposes and explores the nuances of effective collaboration, the value of coordinated messaging, the bedrock of ongoing advocacy efforts, and the vital importance of long-term and flexible funding.

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Pushed into Harm’s Way: forced returns of unaccompanied migrant children to danger by the USA and Mexico

June 10, 2021

The governments of the USA and Mexico have deported tens of thousands of unaccompanied migrant children to their countries of origin, without adequate screenings for potential irreparable harm they could face there. Authorities of both countries have also denied unaccompanied migrant children access to asylum procedures through pushbacks at their respective borders. In some cases, this has resulted in the forced return of asylum-seeking children to ill-treatment (refoulement). As a matter of policy, the Biden administration continues to return almost all unaccompanied Mexican children to Mexico, while the Mexican government has likewise repatriated the majority of unaccompanied Central American children without adequately assessing what harm they could face.

Tackling the global refugee crisis: From shirking to sharing responsibility

October 16, 2016

This report documents the precarious situation faced by many of the world's 21 million refugees, the vast majority of which are hosted in low and middle-income countries, while many of the world's wealthiest nations host the fewest and do the least. If all – or most – countries were to take a fair share of responsibility for hosting refugees then no one country would be overwhelmed and the lives of refugees would be significantly improved. Amnesty International is calling for all countries to put in places refugee resettlement programmes and to increase safe and legal routes for refugees to enter the country.

Refugees & Asylum Seekers